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Your Estate Sale, Liquidator & Appraisal Experts.

Your Estate Sale, Liquidator & Appraisal Experts.

Your Estate Sale, Liquidator & Appraisal Experts.Your Estate Sale, Liquidator & Appraisal Experts.Your Estate Sale, Liquidator & Appraisal Experts.
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About Us

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Professional Estate Liquidation & Sales

  We appraise the entire contents of an estate and then use various estate liquidators techniques to quickly sell those items for fair market value. Our goal is to setup a professional, indoor estate sale, complete with breakdown tables. These estate liquidations are mostly held onsite so as to not incur unnecessary moving or dumping expenses. If an appraisal shows that an item is extremely valuable that item is sometimes sold at other venues if the appraiser thinks a much higher sales price can be realized.  At the end of an estate sale, liquidation is generally complete except for a few scattered household goods. Dumpsters are ordered and filled if there are large amounts of garbage. Estates are left vacuumed and broom swept once the estate sale is over.  We also use online venues like Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and GunBroker if we think certain items will sell for significantly more online.

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Appraisal & Advertisement Importance

Appraisal is key to a successful estate sale. Most people are not true appraisers and their ignorance will cost you thousands. We have been appraising for over 30 years. Most people do not know how to setup an estate liquidation sale properly let alone advertise for one correctly. We use strong break down tables and take roughly 200+ high definition photos. We post all those photos in an online catalog on some of the most premier sites on the web that advertise auctions and estate sales. We also make large, professional estate sale signs that go as far as the nearest high traffic road. What counts is getting the correct numbers of people to come to the sale so that liquidation can occur. One only gets one shot at a good estate sale and we do it right the first time. We would not be called estate liquidators if we could not do our most basic function.

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Connoisseurship & Education

Our CEO and primary estate sale appraiser from September 1997 to May 1998 took the Sotheby's American Arts Course. This education allowed for a much deeper understanding of connoisseurship and appraisal techniques which is usually severely lacking in other estate liquidation services. In one home, we discovered a Jacob Hurd silver sugar bowl made during America's Colonial period in Boston, MA. We took the bowl to Christie's Auction House where it sold for $27,500. We are not saying you have these types of items, but if you do we have the expertise and knowledge to find them and sell them for you! Us identifying your treasures in only a phone call away.

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Please call us and make an appointment for the estate liquidators to see if they can set up an estate sale and appraisal at your property.  Please feel free to email us directly at: if you have photos to attach.

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